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August 8th, , I had a Crane one, but it wouldn’t fit. I called MSD and they said they don’t make an adj one and anything for a stock GM points distr should work except the Crane one. They gave me a number to call Mallory because they’ve heard they have something that works, but the minute I mentioned the word “MSD” to the Mallory tech guy, he got mad and said their stuff was for Mallory distributors and acted shocked that MSD referred me to them for help. I found his tirade kind of entertaining. Meanwhile, I found an Accel one that might work It’s funny because to reach Accel, you call the same phone number as for Mallory the PrestoBS people who bought MrG and I think the same tech support group. I gave it a shot and called back, got a real knowledgable person who told me he knows of people that have made it work. It’s adjustable to add between deg, which should work out a lot better than the 16 deg one on there.

Ford 351 Cleveland 2V Tuneup

How do you hook up a vacuum to a skimmer for an above-ground pool? First off, you’ll need a vacuum hose. I usually put the small end over the jet and fill the hose with water. After the hose is full put the large end in the skimmer.

Distributor Vacuum Hoses – Where Do They Go? This uses a mm hose, usually black. This is the ADVANCE side. Third, look at your 34PICT Carburetor. The fitting on the LEFT side of the carb is for the ADVANCE side of your Vaccum can. not the distributor because they were still single vacuum models (Actually, the Auto-Suck use a combined.

Ignition After many years of testing and using various ignition components we have only found two that meet the criteria to be included in our line of products – The ignition Distributors from Albertronics and the Safeguard Ignition Control Units. Both are high quality, state of the art systems, designed to fill specific needs, and built on a limited basis by small companies.

We have subjected both to extensive testing and can vouch for their performance and reliability. We have been using the Safeguard for 10 years in our supercharged applications and could not have achieved the same level of performance without it. The selectable boost and knock based ignition retards, plus an enhanced spark, were just what we needed. The excitement right now is in regards to their new programable distributors, the Tune series, where both the mechanical and vacuum advance curves can be customized and the changes installed even while you are driving.

Both systems are availalbe for vintage Volvos as well as a wide range of other cars. Not an add- on but a completely new, state of the art ignition system housed in a classic distributor case. Sate of the art electronic components replace the original wear-prone parts including points, advance weights, vacuum diaphram. Microprocessor controled spark balancing based on technology developed for Formula I assures optimal performance. Sixteen selectable centrifugal advance curves built into each distributor – plus vacuum advance – not the vacuum retard found on all US spec early 70s Volvos.

Technical Details

We’ve got a big family of distributors, let us introduce you so you can see which is your perfect match Breaker Point distributors Looking for the old-school classic style distributors. Our dual point distributors are available with adjustable mechanical advance and self lubricating bushings for years of trouble free service. The 27 series adds an adjustable vacuum advance for even more control. Dual point distributors are ready to run, but if you want more power, it’s easy to add a HyFire ignition box.

Hot rodders who prefer a classic mechanical points style distributor Magnetic Breakerless distributors Mallory’s magnetic breakerless distributors use a magnetic pickup and module to trigger your timing with adjustable mechanical advance and easy 3-wire hookup.

These also have a three-wire hookup and adjustable mechanical advance, with the 47 Series including the adjustable vacuum advance. Like the Magnetic Breakerless distributor, the Unilite is also for street performance and competition racing.

In some cases especially early-mid ‘s , it almost looks like they designed the system by simply throwing a handful of spaghetti at the engine and saying, “Route the hoses like that. Two good sources of these manuals are Amazon. Since these are pretty expensive but worth it! I’m sure this collection isn’t complete. EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation The purpose of the EGR port is to feed exhaust gas from the exhaust system back into the intake air flow whenever the coolant temperature is high enough and the ported vacuum is also high ie, not during startup and only during heavy loads or hard acceleration.

This decreases the engine temperature, which in turn decreases the emission of harmful nitrous oxide NOx gases.

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Get smoother operation, reliability, and power from your Mustang Six Jim Smart November 1, When Ford introduced the Mustang in April of , the base powerplant was the Falcon’s ci six with horsepower and lb-ft of torque. Later that year, in August, Ford updated the Mustang’s engine line-up with the seven main bearing ci six as standard equipment. Both the and ci sixes are well known and respected for rugged dependability.

A guide that looks at how to tune a car engine for power or economy. Find out how to tune a carburetor, fuel injected and turbo engines in our intro to DIY tuning.

Remove rag from manifold opening. Install the carburetor adaptor as follows; Use loctite on all bolts and studs during installation of adaptor. Coat the manifold base gasket with a suitable gasket sealer and position the gasket on the manifold. Coat the intermediate gasket with sealant and position the gasket on the adapter apply loctite to the 8mm Allen bolts and secure the top adapter half to the bottom.

Apply loctite to the 8mm studs and isntall the studs into the manifold adapter ensuring that the studs go no further then flush with the bottom of the top adapter half. Install the carburetor with gasket to the adapter with the linkage toward the firewall. Slide the supplied throttle cable bracket over the two adapter studs closest to the valve cover.

Install the original throttle cable onto the bracket and adjust the cable at the bracket so full throttle can be achieved and the throttle returns fully to the idle position. Choke plates should be held open to bypass the idle kick up of choke linkage. Connect the throttle cable bracket to valve cover and connect the throttle cable to the linkage. Check for full throttle position and free throttle movement. If there is any throttle bind correct the problem before proceeding. Mount the return spring tab supplied in kit to one of the EGR valve bolts or anywhere close to the carb where the spring has enough tension to pull the throttle plates shut when you let off the gas.

Demystifying Holley Terminator and Sniper Ignition Hookup

Although most “shade tree mechanics” know the function of a distributor, many forget that its operation must be perfectly phased with that of the camshaft. A person might go to great lengths to mark the position of the distributor on the engine block and then completely overlook the position of the rotor shaft, or vice-versa. This mistake is so easy to do that even “seasoned” professionals constantly make it, ending up with an engine that won’t start or is so far advanced or retarded in timing that it barely runs.

The following is presented to show you how to avoid mistakes and gain a little confidence in the process, whether you are replacing the distributor in an old engine or reassembling a new one.

Corvette Distributor Electronic Ignition Conversion. We installed The Ignitor on our L48 Corvette. Corvette Distributor Electronic Ignition Conversion. 1. Then make the location of the rotor and the vacuum advance. Here you can see the rotor is pointing at 6 and the vacuum advance at Step 3.

Control modules[ edit ] There are three basic types of HEI control modules, the four-pin, five-pin, and seven-pin modules. The four-pin module was used on conventional carbureted engines and uses conventional mechanical timing controls vacuum and centrifugal advance mechanisms. The five-pin module was introduced in and was an early attempt at electronic timing control. The five-pin module contains a provision for connecting a knock sensor.

The seven-pin module is used on early computer -controlled engines. The seven-pin module contains no mechanical timing control mechanisms as the computer controls ignition timing. Late ‘s GM cars and trucks used a slim distributor cap HEI with a separate ignition coil on throttle body injection equipped engines.

These distributors were not stand-alone units because they did not contain mechanical timing controls. Upgrading[ edit ] HEI distributors are a popular swap on older GM cars originally equipped with points and condenser type ignition systems.

Which Distributor Best Fits Your Needs

I’m Having trouble with the Sniper on high Idle. Short drives is fine then it’ll idle at on the “stock” file The IAC counts will be at zero. I can’t find any reason other than it looses where it is in the firmware with idle counts from 0. Since a key cycle resets it to 0 and out to 30 or wherever you have it set. Thanks for any help.

Jul 02,  · If I remember right the vacuum advance on hei distributors has a maximum of 16 degrees advance unless it has a adjustable vac. advance canister. The vacuum advance only works during part throttle operation and not at wide open throttle and there is no need for vacuum advance .

Email with questions on your particular needs as we have many other parts and services available. If we don’t have it we can usually get it or make it. If you need to call, try mornings 9: Leave a message if there is no answer as we may be in the shop and cannot get to the phone, or try cell if necessary, but if you have to leave a message, leave it at the main number. There are often periods of 3 – 5 days, especially during the summer, when we are gone due to racing and other commitments.

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1964 GMC “Crustine”- Vacuum advance fixed.

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