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While at boarding school, Alexis’ father, Mikkos Cassadine John Colicos , forces her to give the child up and later forges documents to make Alexis believe the child is dead. Sam is adopted by Cody McCall Stanley Kamel and his wife, Evelyn Bass , who choose adoption based on fear of having another mentally handicapped baby like their first child Danny then Henri Lubatti. Cody is a con artist and his way of life forces Evelyn to leave when Sam is only three years old, taking Danny with her. Cody raises Sam on his own and teaches her the art of the con. When Sam helps Danny escape, he accidentally knocks a candle over that burns down the house, not knowing Evelyn was inside. Sam is arrested for arson, but gets out on bail and goes on the run with Danny to avoid being convicted for Evelyn’s murder. A young Sam does her best to care for Danny but eventually resorts to extreme measures to pay his bills. Using skills she learned from Cody, Sam marries several wealthy men, and steals their money so she can care for her brother.

Elizabeth Webber (General Hospital)

Set in the near future during the bitter final throes of capitalism, Death Race is a relentless and soulless action fantasy. Jensen Ames Jason Statham is a laid-off factory worker who conveniently has a background as an elite race-car driver. Framed for his wife’s murder, he is jailed at the forbidding and inescapable Terminal Island and forced to take part in the ultimate demolition derby.

Hardened convicts in armored and heavily munitioned vehicles race through a bleak industrial setting, trying to kill one another.

Robert LaSardo. 58K likes. Official Fan Page: Robert LaSardo, Actor, Writer and Producer.

But the girls may have darker motives! Lex, Susan and RJ set up a seance with noted expert Holly, but in a house that may contain a portal to hell, the supernatural fun takes a terrifying turn for the worse. But ‘victim’ may not be the best description for Angelica, a stunning strip-club employee with a dark side of her own. The criminals want Camille Gardner’s husband, but what they get instead is a deadly surprise at the hands of Camille and her feisty girlfriend Rhonda in this twist-filled tale.

But Logan Cale discovers that there are greater things to fear than his diagnosis as patients begin to disappear and a devious conspiracy takes shape. Rachel Worth is getting married in just a few hours, but first she must try and piece together the hazy memories of the night before to find out who committed the ghastly murder.

Foster Prentiss is a skillful performer who has never had any true psychic ability until he touches two sexy femme fatales But when Lilith appears and reveals Foster’s own dark background, the women team up to provide him with some painful payback.

Parlor (2014)

Contents [ show ] Synopsis As Horatio and the team are on the verge of putting away members of the dangerous Mala Noche gang, a tragedy strikes. Plot In an ambulance speeding towards the hospital, Horatio leans over his new bride, Marisol, who has been shot in the stomach. A black car cuts off the ambulance and Horatio gets out, knowing they have come for him The scene flashes back to eight hours earlier:

Robert LaSardo was born on 20 September, in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Before became famous, Robert LaSardo was a student. Before became famous, Robert LaSardo was a student. Let’s check about Robert LaSardo Height, Age, Measurements, Biography, Family, Affairs, Wiki & Much More!

Magda, Season Five, Played by Selma Stern Of all the one-shot appearances, none are more memorable that the elderly Magda aggressively mounting her boy toy Jeff in the recovery suite, leaving him in a coma. Name any surgery performed on the show. None of them have left a deeper, more disturbing scar than this. After his father asked him to perform his enhancement surgery, Raj grew more and more frustrated, eventually convincing Matt to ruin his hand to escape the trap.

Cherry Peck was a pre-operative transsexual who Matt had beaten. Cherry came to Sean, asking for pro bono work. Following the surgery, Matt bonded with Cherry, leading to their abduction by Eugene Alderman. During a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous, he blamed Christian for ruining his life, rather than taking ownership. Abusing nitrus oxide, he killed a woman during a back-alley liposuction procedure, and came close to killing Christian.

He landed in a cell with Escobar Gallardo, and was killed when he tried to double-cross the drug lord. Sean began an affair with her. When she was pronounced terminal, she asked Sean to assist with her suicide, to which he eventually agreed.

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Robert LaSardo was born in Brooklyn, New York. He began his career studying at the High School of Performing Arts in New York City, before going on to the Stella Adler Studio of Acting.

Identical brother of Bernie. The financier for Corinthos and Morgan. Identical brother of Benny. Rachel Adair deceased Amy Grabow, Pediatrician. Worked with lover A. Quartermaine to frame Courtney Matthews for A. Asher Thomas but it was made to look like a suicide. Best friends with Lisa Niles. Half-brother of Lila Rae Alcazar. Was raised thinking that Maria was his sister because she did not want his father, Alcazar, to realize he was alive. After discovering who his parents actually were he became obsessed with stalking the girls involved with his cousin Sage’s death.

Half Past Dead 2

Tuesday, September 27, Time Slot: Any errors, typos, etc. The release is reproduced solely for the dissemination of the enclosed information. Meanwhile, Nina’s Tamara Taylor attempt at online dating makes for interesting results, including acquiring a new roommate Milo Lucas Bryant , and Charlie’s Eric Balfour womanizing ways get him into trouble when he unknowingly sleeps with his best friend Coop’s Omar Benson Miller new girlfriend. Set in the small, hip neighborhood of Silver Lake, on the outskirts of Hollywood, this fresh, edgy, new drama explores the intimate and often complex relationships of a tight-knit group of friends finding out who they are and what they want in life.

A musician at heart, Hank, the sexy lead singer of the nouvelle-punk band ‘Modern Apes,’ has come to a crossroad in his personal and professional world.

Learn about Robert LaSardo: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and : Sep 20,

Edit Rebecca Herbst originally auditioned for the role of Sarah Webber. Although she did not get the part, General Hospital created the role of Sarah’s sister Elizabeth for Herbst to play, [1] and she debuted on August 1, Simms, executive editor of Soaps In Depth discussed the fans’ impact on reversal, stating: But Becky Herbst fans really refused to let this drop. The role was temporarily portrayed by actress Martha Madison , known for her role as Belle Black on Days of our Lives , from June 8—20, On Valentine’s Day , Elizabeth is raped and Lucky helps her recover.

In , Lucky then Jacob Young is found alive, but pushes away his parents and Elizabeth.


Sara and Rille attempted to find freedom in each other for different reasons, but their feverish connection proves combustible right before Rille graduates. A man named Steven. Sara never liked this arrangement from the start, and it weighs on her, never having Rille to herself, a situation Sara has allowed since their college days. The good thing is Sara recognizes why she stays with Rille, a woman with no self-control, and why being with Rille makes her feel somehow feel whole.

What was your motivation? Is it a taboo subject?

Robert LaSardo is a 54 year old American Actor born on 20th September, in Brooklyn, New York, USA. His zodiac sign is Virgo His zodiac sign is Virgo Robert LaSardo has been in an on-screen matchup with Melonie Diaz in CSI: Miami ().Born: Sep 20,

Cast and characters[ edit ] The show focuses on a community service parole group and their parole officer. Brian Kubach as Jake Gibson, an aspiring professional StarCraft player who gets sentenced to hours of community service for starting a forest fire during his breakup with Drew. Prior to community service, he had no real ambition in life other than to be a professional gamer and become wealthy overnight like Mark Zuckerberg.

As in life, his goal during community service is to get through it while doing as little as possible. Julianna Guill as Drew Finnegan, Jake’s ex-girlfriend who has to serve the sentence with him. Drew is a graduate student and over-achiever who realized that she was wasting her life dating Jake for so many years. She sees herself as being above the rest of the gang and above parolees in general. Being in community service slowly leads her down the path of a mental breakdown.

Tommy Snider as Hagerty, a perpetually stoned community service lifer who doesn’t seem to mind doing the time because he is usually too high to be upset. He tends to see the bright side in every horrible situation he’s put in. Hagerty becomes Jake’s confidant in relationship matters, usually doling out bad advice and getting others to join in on his half-baked schemes.

Alice Hunter as Trainy, the aspiring socialite who is stuck doing community service after being cut off by her wealthy father. Trainy is vain, superficial, and narcissistic but still tends to act less selfish than both Jake and Drew.

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Among the main cast of the original movie, and only Kurupt returns to reprise his role of Twitch. He claims it’s to be closer to his lady but his real motives are a bit more grandiose than that. There he crosses paths with Burke Bill Goldberg a bulky prisoner who is unfrendly and doesn’t want to talk about anyone. Twitch, despite being less muscular, is just as mouthy and is pretty much the same.

But there is a gang war brewing between the Black and Hispanic inmates that explodes into a hostile takeover of the prison when the Blacks’ gang leader is shot dead and the finger points at Burke. But the situations worsen when the real killer and leader of the Hispanics, Cortez Robert Madrid takes Twitch’s girlfriend Angell Conwell and Burke’s daughter Alona Tal hostage as well, betraying his comrades to escape.

LaSardo has extensive chest, neck, and arm tattoos. He is an Italian American and Puerto Rican. Throughout his career, Robert LaSardo has found his niche in Hollywood playing the devious criminal.

He spent four years in the U. For two of those years, he handled Navy attack dogs in the Aleutian Islands. LaSardo has extensive chest, neck, and arm tattoos. He is an Italian American and Puerto Rican. Throughout his career, Robert LaSardo has found his niche in Hollywood playing the devious criminal. Often evil personified onscreen, he constantly manages to charm police investigators and audiences alike.

Christian Troy into revealing key information about the location of a child molester. As a gang member on both CSI: Miami, he taunts the lead investigators but ultimately wins their respect. With more recent performances in Ghost Whisperer and his own independent film Never Down, Robert is creating complex characters that are tortured by life, rather than the torturers themselves. During an impoverished and turbulent upbringing, Coney Island was a refuge for young Robert.

Robert LaSardo on being “the bad guy”

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