Whatever Happened To Robot Jones? Rules Of Dating

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Bobby Block , a short automaton who lives in a small city in Central New York during the early s apparently—the animation style, clothing, and soundtrack all seem to indicate that decade; Robot attempts to learn of human nature by attending Polyneux Middle School, where he meets three new friends: Socks Kyle Sullivan , a taller boy with curly blonde hair; Mitch Gary Leroi Gray , a headphones -wearing boy whose eyes are hidden by his long hair; and Cubey Myles Jeffrey , a shorter boy with spiked black hair who wears big, square sunglasses and a Pac-Man t-shirt.

He also meets Shannon Grey DeLisle , a girl whom he likes unrequitedly for her large orthodontic appliance and metal prosthetic leg. Plot In each episode, Robot, usually with the help of his friends, gets himself into a situation brought on by his social ineptitude and others’ lack of understanding.

In the retro’s future, robots have become commonplace. Mechanical butlers, electronic plumbers and robo-bartenders are part of everyday life, but Robot Jones is a different kind of machine altogether.

And unless TV has lied to me, it was a crusty, bitter old Dean! This guy hates the protagonist and his friends with a passion. He has the entire institution with its long history and dignified reputation on his side. Its arbitrary and ancient rules exist chiefly for him to abuse in his vendetta. Dean Bitterman is a pompous and sour old killjoy who is opposed to the merest hint of fun. He believes that it cheapens the good name of the institution.

However, don’t expect this disdain to be evenly applied; he’ll suck up shamelessly to wealthy parents.

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The film follows a teenager Shia LaBeouf who is placed on house arrest and begins to spy on his neighbors, thinking one of The film, which combines computer animation with live-action, is directed by Michael Bay, with Revenge of the Fallen, is a American science fiction action film directed by Michael Bay and executive produced by Steven Spielberg. It is a sequel to ‘s Transformers and It is the fourth film in the Indiana Jones series created by George Lucas and directed by The script was written by Lem Dobbs based on the novel of the same name by Tru Walker aspires to be a famous filmmaker.

She has a twin brother Eddie, who is a person with a mental disability. The screenplay is a fictionalized account of the hours leading up to the June 5, Full Throttle is a American action comedy film. It is the sequel to ‘s Charlie’s Angels. It opened in the United States on June 27, , and was number one at the box When Harry Met Lloyd is a American comedy film.

It is the second film in the Dumb and Dumber film series and a prequel to the film Dumb and Dumber.

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You Got Served is a American dance drama film written and directed by Chris Stokes, manager of its stars, recording artist Marques Houston and boy band B2K. The plot concerns a group of dancers, who take part in a street dancing competition.

How much these comedies merely rip off Animal House is up to the individual viewer Van Wilder ‘s Professor McDoogle pretends to be one of these, but he’s actually a Stern Teacher specialising in the Secret Test of Character – the only reason he was riding Van was to make him realise his potential. It’s deconstructed with him. He wants the students to respect him and the janitor reminds him why he got into the profession.

Dick got into the career because of the respect from the students because of his job, summer vacations off, but he’s just as vulnerable from his status as the kids are of theirs’ in the school. With students like Bender he has to deal with, no wonder why he has to put on a facade. Though his hatred seems to be concentrated solely towards the title character and his friends. Appears with a twist in Old School – the Dean of the university in the movie is quite like this trope, but the reason he has such venomous spite towards the protagonists is because they bullied him when he was in college with them.

Dean Richard Van Horne in Accepted is the polar opposite of Bartleby and his friends, as he discourages innovation and loosely regulated education. His personal belief is that a college’s prestige is measured by how many applicants it rejects every year. Also, his motives for taking down the college have nothing to do with college honor or any of that. He just wants the property so he can demolish it and give his own school a gateway. Principal Strickland, in Back to The Future , has reached the zen apotheosis of this trope, to the point that he looks and acts exactly the same across a thirty-year timeframe.

Apparently, a sufficiently single minded hate of students is the key to immortality. It runs in the family since the adventure games star his sister Edna, a stuck-up prude and Crazy Cat Lady that goes on to turn Hill Valley into a police state in another timeline.

Robot jones rules of dating

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Paul Hennessy, the happy father of two charming daughters, who passed the mark of adolescence. And now the two of them not only have study, watch films and do lessons, but now girls think about boys, go on dates and throw parties.

Eldritch Gentleman July 31, , 3: That thousand yard stare on Commander is really freaking me out… his experiences must be like Rambo except magnified by a hundred… July 31, , 7: August 1, , 5: Times were simpler then. August 1, , 2: Storm Wing July 31, , 9: Orzahn July 31, ,

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Robot Jones learns that he has been put into a human public school that he must now attend. While in class, he believes that the problems are too easy which results in him getting sent to the principals office for being a smart alec to the teacher. Later the same day as all of the school kids are eating lunch, the principal trips on a wire which he later finds out is Robots charger cable. After finding out it was Robot Jones, he gives him three months detention for tripping him, which angers Robot Jones so much that he starts malfunctioning and scares away everyone.

(See SP:CAST) CHOBOT as Robot Jones Pochacco as Socks Morton Chococat as Mitch Davis Nutz (Chococat) as Cubey Cubinacle Mr. Robot (Hello Kitty) as Contents[show] Version 1 (by PB&Jotterisnumber1. Whatever Happened to.

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Only three players have been sent off in the last 10 Six Nations tournaments, a rate of one every 50 matches. But it will be a surprise if that number does not increase this year. Referees enforced the new guidelines in two rounds of European club competition before Christmas, offering a preview of what the new emphasis will mean at the Six Nations.

Not all of the nine sendings-off and 51 yellow cards in 40 matches were for high tackles, but it represented a spectacular spike in punitive action.

Kudos to Demonic lil Angel and all who still remember this nearly unforgettable Cartoon Cartoon. My continuation of the long dead Cartoon Network show “Whatever Happened To Robot Jones”, put in a somewhat more complicated story.

It wasn’t as packed with it as Time Squad was which also aired at the same time as Robot Jones and got canceled in , but it had its fair share of dubious moments. The way the episode plays out mirrors a husband Robot cheating on his wife the Scantron. Robot Jones getting out his “downloading cable”. The episode “Growth Spurts” had a banner in the school gym that said, “Kick Ass”.

In the episodes where Robot Jones’ voice was computer-generated, it wasn’t cut. On the episodes where Robot Jones’ voice is provided by a kid and altered to make it sound robotic, the “Ass” in “Kick Ass” was digitally removed. The gym teacher’s line in “P. One way or the other. Dust Buddy sucks the teacher’s dress clear off her body. In “Family Vacation”, Gramps Unit at one point is seen doing what can only be described as having intimate relations with an ice machine.

Robot’s friend Socks cheering him on doesn’t help matters. Mr Jones hunts him down afterwards for being a “peeping tom”. The fabricated story to go with the picture makes it seem like Madman was having an affair with the vending machine.

Whatever Happened to Robot Jones: Rules of Dating

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