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Patients lived for longer and had far lower rates of side-effects if they took the immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab than those who received an ‘extreme’ combination of two chemotherapies and a targeted drug. People with an immune hallmark called PD-L1 in their tumours did particularly well on pembrolizumab – living for around 40 per cent longer. And while only around a fifth of patients overall responded to pembrolizumab, those who did so often did spectacularly well – with a median length of response of Its findings could in future see immunotherapy become a standard, first-line treatment for advanced head and neck cancer, and spare many patients the side-effects associated with combination chemotherapy. Patients would normally be given aggressive chemotherapy if diagnosed at an advanced stage when the cancer has begun to spread to try to get rid of all the cancer cells as quickly as possible. But the new trial sought to see if immunotherapy, in combination with chemotherapy or on its own, could be a more effective and kinder option. The researchers randomly assigned patients in equal numbers to one of three treatment groups – receiving the ‘extreme’ chemotherapy combination, and the immunotherapy pembrolizumab with platinum chemotherapy or on its own. Patients with high levels of the immune marker PD-L1 in their tumours received the biggest benefit from pembrolizumab – living for a median of

Tibetan yoga lessens the side effects of chemotherapy for breast cancer patients, study reveals

Macmillan Cancer Support has hired a digital nurse specialist amid concern that patients are increasingly turning to websites promoting bogus cures and false information. Some sites have claimed baking soda can cure breast cancer, with others frightening patients off treatment by claiming chemotherapy kills more people than cancer. Five cancer red flags to never ignore Surveys by the charity found that 42 per cent of those diagnosed with cancer looked up their disease online, with one in eight saying they did so because they did not understand what doctors had told them.

The most recent Cancer Patient Experience Survey found that more than a quarter of people with the disease said they did not receive easy-to-understand written information about their diagnosis. They include black salve, a highly caustic solution, as a cure for throat and skin cancers, a salt treatment for lung cancer, and the use of industrial-strength bleach to treat autism, Ebola and HIV.

Earlier this year an online pharmacy in the UK admitted selling a highly potent bleaching agent which was being marketed as a “revolutionary” cure for a host of diseases, though it can cause vomiting and breathing problems.

6 days ago · Over recent years, Bannatyne’s Spas have seen a rise in clients recovering from cancer, and it is hoped that the new services will offer an invaluable resource for many people.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption”I’d given up hope”: Louise Willetts says she is completely well following her treatment Doctors say a stem cell transplant could be a “game changer” for many patients with multiple sclerosis. Results from an international trial show that it was able to stop the disease and improve symptoms.

It involves wiping out a patient’s immune system using cancer drugs and then rebooting it with a stem cell transplant. Louise Willetts, 36, from Rotherham, is now symptom-free and told me: They all had relapsing remitting MS – where attacks or relapses are followed by periods of remission. The interim results were released at the annual meeting of the European Society for Bone and Marrow Transplantation in Lisbon.

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption Nerve connections become damaged in people with MS The patients received either haematopoietic stem cell transplantation HSCT or drug treatment. After one year, only one relapse occurred among the stem cell group compared with 39 in the drug group. Those in the transplant group experienced a reduction in disability, whereas symptoms worsened in the drug group. Stem cells taken from the patient’s blood and bone marrow are then re-infused. These are unaffected by MS and they rebuild the immune system.

Prof John Snowden, haematologist and director of blood and bone marrow transplantation at Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital, told me:

A new nurse-led service for cancer patients at Singleton Hospital

Liver cancer deaths have more than tripled in the UK since the s. The disease is linked to smoking, infections, drinking too much alcohol, and being overweight or obese. Every year around people are diagnosed with liver cancer in the North East and the incidence rate of liver cancer in the North East is higher than England average. While prevention measures are critical for tackling this disease, more research is urgently needed to improve treatments and outcomes for patients.

Immunotherapy treatments are starting to transform the way we treat cancers, but in liver cancer, early results suggest that these treatments only work in a small number of patients.

British cancer guidance is less likely to recommend innovative drug treatments for patients than versions used in other parts of Europe, a study has found. Researchers at King’s College London.

Figures for hosptials in London show that one in four patients who are diagnosed with cancer in casualty wards will be dead within two months. And the statistics are likely to be similar across the country, health experts have warned. Britain has the worst cancer surival rate in Western Europe. In June the health watchdog the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Nice set out new guidance for doctors to help doctors spot the signs of 37 difference cancers and make urgent referrals if cancer is at all suspected.

They found that average survival was less than six months, with only 36 per cent of patients surviving beyond one year. Half of all patients under the age of 65 had died by 14 months from diagnosis, with 55 per cent surviving beyond one year. For 65 – 75 year olds, half had died by five months and only 25 per cent made it past one year. And, for patients aged over 75, half had died after just three months, with only a quarter surviving past one year.

As well as delays with GP diagnosis, many people are still unaware of cancer signs and symptoms and do not take their concerns to their doctor until it is too late. There can also be delays in getting an appointment at GPs surgeries or hospitals for crucial tests. Cancer Research UK said too many people were still diagnosed late at emergency departments. For example if breast cancer is caught in its earliest stage 90 per cent of women will survive for at least five years.

But that number falls to just 15 per cent for women diagnosed with advanced disease. A recent study by Kings College London also found that thousands of cancer sufferers might still be alive if GPs had referred them for fast track appointments.

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These drugs have allowed women to live a normal life for longer. The drugs will be offered to people with hormone receptor positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 HER2 negative locally advanced breast cancer, who have previously not received any treatment options. However, the health regulator has agreed discounts for both of the drugs.

People are putting their lives at risk by turning down cancer appointments because they clash with their holiday plans, a hospital has claimed. Royal Stoke University Hospital said an increasing.

The plastic in secondhand toys may not meet current international safety guidelines and could pose a health risk to children, say researchers at the University of Plymouth in England whose new study was published in Environmental Science and Technolo Diane Domina Cutting cigarette smoking may also help decrease drug dependence in people who are addicted to opioids, suggests a study conducted by the Bridge Engagement Centre in Ottawa, Canada.

This study, which was published in BMJ Open, used data from earlier The guidelines increase the Diane Domina Two new fact sheets from the Office of Dietary Supplements of the National Institutes of Health NIH aim to reduce public confusion about whether supplements can boost nutrition and physical fitness. Dietary Supplements for Exercise and Athletic Per Diane Domina According to a study conducted by researchers at the Ohio State University in Columbus, one-third of households in the United States struggle to get enough nutritious food.

For this study, the researchers surveyed Diane Domina Approximately 44 percent of people with glaucoma are treated with timolol eye drops, and according to a study published in the Journal of Glaucoma, this commonly used medication can cause adverse psychiatric effects like visual hallucinations. Diane Domina Twice as Many Seniors Will Live With Multiple Diseases by The number of older adults diagnosed with four or more medical conditions is expected to double by , according to researchers at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom.

Findings of this study, which were published in Age and Ageing, the journ

NHS approves two new ‘breakthrough’ breast cancer drugs for widespread use

Aspects[ edit ] The appearance of a family illness involves some changes and these in turn, involves the generation of new family needs, needs that naturally are going to be changing throughout its life cycle. Conduct a comprehensive care that takes into account aspects: The patient and family are the unit to be treated: Promoting autonomy and dignity of the patient with the sense of preserving and restoring all abilities, both practical and emotional and relational patients.

Importance of the environment, atmosphere of respect, comfort, support and communication have a decisive influence in controlling symptoms. There is an international society, the International Psycho-Oncology Society, that is “dedicated to fostering the science of psychosocial and behavioral oncology and improving the care of cancer patients and their families throughout the world”.

We’re the only UK charity providing this, but right now we can only help half of young people diagnosed with cancer.

It was helpful to go through all that in one sitting, and it was free. Knowing she would need an operation soon, she wanted to find an OB-GYN with whom she was more comfortable. At the most recent event, the time was cut down to three minutes, which, Forbus said, left the doctors and prospective patients with too little time. Doctors were not paid for the event but it enabled them to get new patients, both by meeting them and through referrals.

Manisha Parikh said she has participated in three of the four events, missing the other because of an emergency surgery, and picked up six patients directly from them and another six through referrals. Meeting them in person overcomes that, she said. While all the events so far have been for women to match with OB-GYNs, the next meeting will be for parents and prospective pediatricians, the hospital’s Forbus said.

They are also working on primary care physicians for a future event because of patient demand. Laura said that in addition to the OB-GYN she chose, she also recommended a few other doctors to friends she thought might mesh well with them. Forbus said other hospitals in the system have expressed interest to sponsoring similar events. A Constant Challenge Finding a primary care doctor who is a good match is a challenge for many people when they move or otherwise have to switch doctors.

Chemotherapy ‘could cause brain damage’ in breast cancer patients

Hair loss can affect confidence, leading to low self-esteem, depression and despair for many in the biggest fight of their lives. Now the charity Walk the Walk is helping men and women retain their locks by providing patients with scalp coolers which can prevent or reduce the level of loss. NHS funding for scalp coolers is not a priority and over the last 12 years, grants have been made by Walk the Walk for machines in hospitals in the UK, including the Western General, and the charity is committed to removing the postcode lottery and offering more and more people the choice of using the machines.

Scalp coolers work by reducing blood flow to the head and hair follicles and the amount of drugs reaching them. Edinburgh mum-of-six Hazel Burns, 45, used a scalp cooler when she was having chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer last year.

Patients would normally be given aggressive chemotherapy if diagnosed at an advanced stage when the cancer has begun to spread to try to get rid of all the cancer cells as quickly as possible.

The side effects of chemotherapy seriously impact cancer patients’ daily lives, and managing them is a longtime concern for doctors. Patient assessments on the subject have been carried out regularly since The new study presented at ESMO showed that perceptions of chemotherapy side effects in breast and ovarian cancer patients change not only over time, but also throughout the course of treatment.

As doctors, we want to know what our patients care about. At each interview, patients scheduled for or undergoing chemotherapy were presented with two groups of cards respectively featuring physical and non-physical side effects. The patients selected their five most burdensome symptoms in each group and ranked them by importance. Out of these 10 main side effects, they were then asked to select the five most significant ones from both groups and to rank these as well.

On the other hand, hair loss is still a persistent, unsolved issue that particularly affects patients at the start of their treatment,” said Ataseven. For instance, sleeping tablets were not until now a part of the routine regimen. There is also a clear case for providing stronger psychological support to address patients’ social anxieties and family-related concerns,” she said.

Patients’ stories

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A dad has become the first cancer patient to be treated with a pioneering, more targeted form of radiotherapy in the UK. Simon Hardacre, who was found to have an aggressive form of prostate cancer, received proton beam therapy treatment at the Rutherford Cancer Centre in Newport in April.

It is currently the only clinic in the UK where the groundbreaking treatment is available. Rather than using X-rays, like the conventional form of radiotherapy, proton beam therapy uses tiny, positively charged particles to destroy tumour cells. The particles are “accelerated” to a speed of , miles a second and then fired at the cancerous tumour, with the aim of avoiding damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Pre-cancer, her approach to dating – which she characterises as “you, me, home?” – was a form of self-preservation; a way of protecting herself from emotional intimacy and possible rejection.

It’s become the elephant in the bedroom. This is the first of a two-part series on the sexual aftermath of cancer treatment. If you missed our Aug. Sex was the furthest thing from my mind when a breast cancer surgeon told me I needed a double mastectomy five years ago. No matter what kind of cancer you have, the surgery and treatment you go through will have a profound effect on all aspects of your life, including your sex life.

But for whatever reason, most of us talk about the mechanics of sex about as readily as we talk about the mechanics of other normal, healthy functions like, say, pooping. I knew that even a nipple-sparing mastectomy would eliminate two key players on the team, leaving my chest a dead zone — no nerves, no feeling, nothing. But not all breast cancer patients know this going in. Losing my breasts and sensation was just the beginning.

Chemo, radiation and tamoxifen pretty much neutered me, tamping down that sweet little flame of desire that flickers within us all.

Stoke patients delaying cancer treatments for holidays

The report from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center found that women who participated in one-on-one Tibetan yoga sessions four times a week slept better. Tibetan yoga practices keep people in continuous movement – as opposed to stationary positions — and they are thought to improve memory and mental clarity. Experiencing sleep disturbances is one of the most common side effects that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy go through.

They often report poor sleep quality, excessive drowsiness and insomnia, the study said.

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Hundreds of thousands of women were not invited for routine breast cancer screening due to an administrative error, it has been reported. The survey, carried out by NHS England, monitors patients’ impressions of their diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare. It showed experiences of cancer patients across England were “generally very positive”, with patients giving an average rating of 8. For Bradford, this figure was 8.

Some 65 per cent of patients at the Bradford Trust answered ‘yes, completely’ when asked if they had been given enough information. The rest answered ‘yes, to some extent’ or ‘no’, which were both counted as negative responses. The results were worse for patients having chemotherapy than for those undergoing radiotherapy – just 63 per cent of the former said they had enough information, compared to 69 per cent of the latter.

The results in Airedale were 68 per cent and 74 per cent respectively. Some 69 per cent of patients at the Airedale Trust answered ‘yes, completely’ when they were asked about the information they received. Gemma Holding, chief executive of Cancer Support, said the survey showed post-treatment support options needed to be “urgently addressed”. This includes working closely with other colleagues across the region where the cancer pathways cross more than one trust — for example a local patient may have surgery at a different trust and then come back to us for follow up treatment.

Single Dad Opens Up About Late Wife’s Battle With Cancer

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